Brad Angelo gets mad at Jason Belmonte for crackling his waterbottle

March 29, 2011
Check out this clip of the 2011 Dick Weber PBA playoffs where Jason Belmonte is bowling Against Brad Angelo.

So who do you think was in the wrong?  Is Brad overreacting and blaming Belmo for no reason, or is Belmo purposefully crackling his water bottle to distract Angelo?  What are you thoughts?

Would a classy player like Jack Jurek or Norm Duke ever do something like this?


What is it like to bowl in the PBA…

March 16, 2011
Stumbled on this video over at Mr Bowling 300. For all those that aspire to bowl on the PBA, check out this video as it gives a little insight into what someone can expect.

Doesn't sound so easy, does it?

Great Deal on a great Bowling Shoe

March 15, 2011
The Dexter SST8 is used by a majority of professional bowlers out on tour.  The only issue with the shoe is the price tag that it carries.  At $155 online, it's just out of range for some people.  Fortunately, I got an email the other day showing some shoes on closeout and I thought I'd share so some people can jump on this killer deal.  It's on the Brunswick Brunspro Shoe which is nearly identical to the SST8 except for styling and some additional support for balance.  

The only reason they are going on closeout is because Brunswick is switching from having Dexter manufacture the shoes to their own KR Strikeforce brand. (That's right, these shoes are made by Dexter!)

You can grab them here for $109 on and that includes shipping. Not bad for a shoe that retails for over $200, it's practically half off. If you aren't sure on your size make sure you pay a few extra dollars for their sure fit option.  Grab 'em before your size isn't available.

5-Pin Punishment

March 14, 2011
The 5-pin is the pin that is in the center of the lane directly behind the headpin.  It's a common leave for novice bowlers because the ball deflects when it hits the head pin and is unable to take it out.  

No worries though, it's an easy spare, right?  You would not believe the number of times I've seen this spare missed in competition.  From many bowlers not setting up, and others not giving it credit (it's just a 5-pin right), somehow bowlers still find a way to miss this easy spare.  For the 5-pin there is nearly half a lane to miss and you can still hit the pin.  

The folks at Underground Bowling have a cool punishment for anyone that misses the five pin.  Check it out here:

So next time you miss that 5-pin, beware and maybe you won't take such and easy spare so lightly.

For more bowling tips be sure to check out the bowling approach.

Get Excited! The Mark Roth Plastic Ball Challenge Is Almost here.

March 3, 2011

While the PBA has tried to take ball technology out of the equation and set a lower scoring pace, the last couple of plastic ball challenges have posed some pretty high scoring paces.  Some pro's are able to adapt and really whack those pins.  A focus is put on release, revolutions, ball speed, and repeating shots.  I always like to watch because you never know who is going to win and it's always a surprise who will make the show.  

I hope this years plastic ball challenge is a good one.  It's on ESPN this Sunday, March 6 at 1pm Eastern.  Be sure to check it out, especially if you've never watched one before.

My top 4 predictions (in no particular order):
Jason Belmonte
Osku Palerma
Walter Ray Williams, Jr
Christopher Collins

We'll have to see if any of my predictions are right (being that I'm picking out of 64 bowlers, odds are stacked against me)

Bowling: Man vs. Machine

March 2, 2011
Much of the world watched Watson (a computer) take on the best of the best at Jeopardy, but were you aware bowling had a Man vs. Machine match?  Check out Chris Barnes taking on USBC's new toy dubbed EARL.

In Jeopardy Watson (the machine) prevailed, but will it be that easy for EARL?

Storm Virtual Gravity Nano is Now Available

March 1, 2011
The much awaited release of Storm's newest bowling ball is finally here. And with good reason, this ball offers bowlers who want more hook, exactly that, lots of hook!

be sure to check out parts 2 and 3 on youtube as well (especially part 3 where it shows people actually throwing the ball, not just talking about it.)

You can find my review at by clicking the following link: